Flower ring leave ring Art Nouveau ring Unique ring Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring Solid 18K, White gold

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Sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom,
Good fortune Protect from negative energy
Attract financial abundance
Promote mental clarity
Evoke the feelings of devotion
Strengthen integrity and intuition
Clear depression
Help eyesight
Bestow wisdom
Engagement Ring Solid 18K Yellow and Rose Gold


Metal type: 18K White gold
Weight: 7.01 Grams
Setting type: Prong setting

Main Stone:
Stone type: Natural Sapphire
Shape: Round Brilliant cut
Size: 6 mm.
Color: Extra Fine Deep Royal blue
Clarity: SI
Cut: Excellent

Stones inside the Flowers:
Stone type: Natural Diamonds
Shape: Round Brilliant cut
Weight: 4 stones / 0.08 ct.
Color: D-E
Clarity: VVS
Cut: Excellent

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Product No.: 01OHR-15006

All Diamonds in our Jewelry are Conflict Free Diamonds !
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The Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September
Here you will find all Jewelry made with Sapphires, Fine Sapphire jewelry. Some of them with diamonds as accents and some only with Sapphire, Click on the above link to find your Sapphire Engagement ring, Solitaire Sapphire ring, Wedding band with Sapphires, Sapphire Solitaire Ring, Unique Sapphire Ring as well as Marvelous Sapphire Studs, Sapphire Lever back earrings, Sapphire hoop earrings, Classic Studs with Sapphires, also several Vintage Sapphire Jewelry.

The Power of Sapphire
Sapphire is widely known as the birthstone for the month of September. This precious stone gets its name from the Greek word “Sapheiros” and the Latin word “Saphirus”, both of which means blue. Sapphire has been considered to be a prized possession since 800 BC. The rulers of ancient Persia used to believe that the sky gets its blue color because of the reflection of sapphire stones. Kings used to wear sapphires as a means of powerful defense from harm. In the 12th Century, this precious stone was considered to be an appropriate stone for ecclesiastical rings.
How wearing Sapphire benefits you?
For centuries Sapphire is known as a symbol of the heavens, a bestower of truth, a guardian of innocence, a preserver of chastity, and a promoter of good health. It is believed Sapphire brings gifts of joy, fulfillment, prosperity, beauty, and inner peace. Some even believe this precious stone wards off illness and acts as protection while traveling.
Another attribute of this gemstone rock is that it provides protection against secrecy and banishes all evil spirits. In ancient times, sapphires were used to kill snakes and guard off poisonous creatures hiding nearby. They help you connect to the universe by opening your spiritual self and internal mind to the powers of the universe.
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