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She is your rock and your wings. She is modern and timeless. Show her how much she means to you with this handmade half bezel tension engagement ring. Emeralds are a deep green and represent growth, love, and oneness. Tell her everyday that your love will grow with this one of a kind emerald ring.

A single emerald in middle is beautifully deep olive green. Timeless and captivatingly it sits in the center of the gold band as the crown jewel. The band is available in 18k yellow or white gold so you can customize your ring to your bride. If you’ve already married the woman of your dreams give this emerald ring as an anniversary gift or birthday present and show you that you’re love will never stop growing.


~ Handmade
~ Made to order
~ Brilliant round cut emerald
~ 18K white or yellow gold band
~ Available in your choice of ring size
~ Comes with certificate of authenticity
~ Exclusive gift box and gift packaging

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Metal type: 18K gold (White or Yellow)
Weight 18K: 7.2 gram
Setting type: half Bezel setting

Main stone:
Stone type: Natural Emerald
Shape: Round cut
Weight: 0.17 ct.
Color grade: Extra Fine Grass-Olive green
Clarity grade: Eye clean
Cut: Excellent
Treatment: Traditional oiled

* Certificate of Authenticity
* Exclusive Wooden Ring box
* Gift Packaging
* Free Shipping with EMS 3-5 days delivery (insured)

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The Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May
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The Power of Emeralds
History suggests that Emerald used to be the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. Shah Jahan, one of the most famous moguls of India loved emeralds so much that he had inscribed sacred texts into them and used them as talismans. The writings of Veda testify to Emerald as the “gem of good luck”.
The benefits of wearing emerald:
Emerald used to be associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Emerald was powerful in protecting lovers from unfaithfulness. It depicted a loyal heart by glowing in a beautiful green color and if it wasn’t, it would glow in a different lifeless color.
Since ancient times, there is evidence that suggests emerald has healing powers. In many languages, emerald was known to help eyesight when worn. Its healing powers are also associated with the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the adrenal glands, the intestinal system, and the kidneys and liver. This stone is believed to be a cleanser that prevents diseases and other forms of infection.
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