Unique Engagement Ring 1 carat gold Swirl Prongs Trellis Diamond Solitaire Ring 14K Solid Rose Gold

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring 1 carat Filigree Prongs Swirl Prongs Trellis Diamond Solitaire Ring 14K

She is your soul mate, and you’ll be together for eternity. You’ve loved her since the day you met her. Show her she’s your solitary love with this traditional, classic trellis style solitaire engagement ring.

A single Round cut brilliant diamond is set in the middle of this chic 14K gold engagement ring. You can choose from white, yellow, or rose gold for a customized ring to fit your bride perfectly. Show your love that she is as brilliant as this excellent cut diamond. Start your future together by placing this ring on her finger.


~ Handmade
~ Made to order
~ Genuine Natural Diamond
~ Round brilliant cut diamond
~ Diamond is 1 carats, G color SI clarity, excellent cut
~ Natural Enhanced Diamond
~ 14K Rose, White or Yellow gold
~ Available in your choice of ring size
~ Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
~ Exclusive gift box and gift packaging

* Certificate of Authenticity
* Exclusive ring box
* Gift Packaging
* Shipping with Eco fast delivery mail (traceable & insured)

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The Power of Diamonds

The history of diamond goes a long way. In the early days of diamonds, they were used all over the world for engraving tools because of their hardness. Ancient Greeks named this precious stone “Adamas”, meaning invincible or indestructible or proper. The warriors in ancient Greece used to wear it as they believed these stones would add strength to the muscles of warriors and bring them invincibility. Ancient Greeks used to believe that diamonds represented the tears of weeping gods.

The mystifying effects of diamonds:
Diamonds are known to have healing properties and positive mystical attributes. This precious stone is associated with the seventh chakra, Sahasrara that unites the body with the mind. Diamond is regarded as one of the strongest precious stones while it can even tap into your spiritual doors. It also represents truth and symbolizes perfection.

Diamonds are believed to improve your energy, love life, environment, faith, endurance, and growth process. They attract strength, courage, power, fortitude, imagination, creativity, innocence while improving relationships full of pure love. In fact, diamonds fill up the negative spaces in you with the purity of love and help you accomplish all of your dreams.

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