White Gold Red Flower Eternity Wedding band Ring Leaf ring Filigree band Friendship Red Floral Jewelry Width 6.9 mm

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11th Anniversary Eternity Ring White Gold Red Flower Eternity Wedding band Ring Leaves ring Filigree band Friendship Red Floral Jewelry Width 6.9 mm
Scroll a bit down in the description you will find links to the same ring in few other Variations, for example with Sapphire, Amethyst.

You knew you had your work cut out for you when you decided to make her yours 11 years ago for this lifetime and the next. Your nature-loving partner deserves a ring as perfectly Edwardian and Unique as her. You knew when you saw this ornate Filigree Wedding band Leaf ring that you found a ring she would cherish and flaunt for a lifetime.

Appraised Value: USD 2023.-


Metal type: 14K or 18K White gold
Ring Width: 6.9 mm.
Available size: 5.50 - 10.75 (US size)

Stone type: Natural Rubies
Shape: Round Brilliant cut
Weight: 11 stones / 0.22 carat
Color: Extra Fine Rich Red
Clarity: Eye clean
Cut: Excellent

This ring comes with:
* Certificate of Authenticity
* Exclusive Ring box
* Gift Packaging
* Free Shipping with Eco fast delivery mail (trackable & insured)

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Product No.: blckncknm-15001wgRUB

The Power of Ruby
Ruby gets its name from “Ruber” which is the Latin word for red. It is one of the gems known to be preferred by those with power and those who are in love. Since ancient times, it is believed that ruby grows on trees like other foods. Ruby is known to be one of the most precious gemstones mentioned in not just the Bible but also in the ancient Sanskrit writings. In fact, upon the discovery of a Ruby crystal, the Indian emperors would give a royal welcome to the King of Gemstones.

The benefits Ruby brings upon wearing:
Ruby is known to have many positive effects. It is associated with the sun and known to preserve physical and mental health. In the middle ages, it used to be seen as a stone of prophecy. It was believed that Ruby would darken once the danger was near. It is even believed that Ruby, when rubbed on the skin, would restore youth and vitality.

Physically, Ruby energizes balances, stimulates the heart chakra, and encourages a passion for life. It helps overcome the feeling of exhaustion and calms hyperactivity. It is also used to detoxify the blood, and treat diseases and restricted blood flow. Wearing ruby benefits the heart and the circulatory system, and stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, and spleen.

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